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How To Protect Your Hair from the Sun

by | Jun 8, 2023

How To Protect Your Hair from the Sun

We’re all careful about putting on some SPF on our skin when we’re stepping out. But our hair tends to be ignored. Did you know that the UV rays from the sun can be as damaging to our hair and scalp as they are on our skin. 

How Does the Sun Damage Hair?

Those sun streaks that look so good are actually signs of sun damage. Prolonged exposure to the sun dries hair out and discolours it. This can lead to hair becoming brittle, split ends, thinning, and frizz. The sun can also affect your scalp and lead to scalp burn and damage hair cuticles as your hair isn’t quite as protective of your scalp as you might want it to be. While dry and damaged hair can be brought back to its original lustre with a lot of TLC, preventing sun damage is far easier. 

Read on for our tips on how to protect your hair from the heat and sun this summer. 

  • Prep Your Hair

Get your hair ready for the summer by locking in as much moisture as possible. Hair that is healthy is less likely to feel the full force of sun damage as the cuticles are stronger. Use a hair mask like the Unite 7SECONDS Masque that nourishes your hair deeply to prep it for the hot days to come. 

Use a hair mask weekly to maintain hydration.

  • Sunscreen for Your Hair

Your hair needs a protective barrier between it and the sun just like your skin does. The Moroccan oil Color Complete Protect & Prevent Spray creates a layer that shields your hair from harmful UV rays without weighing it down. It also contains antioxidants that neutralize damaging free radicals from the sun. 

Another great product that acts as armour against the sun is the Davines SU Milk Hair Spray that softens your hair while protecting it.

  • Limit the Shampoos

It can get tempting to shampoo your hair every day because you feel sweaty and icky as the temperatures rise. The frequent use of shampoo strips hair of its natural oils and dries it out. Also, when you start stripping your hair of its natural oils, your scalp’s defense mechanisms kick in and it starts producing excess sebum which causes scalp build ups. Limit your shampoos to twice a week (which is perfect for taking care of hair extensions too). Rinse your hair out with cool water if you absolutely must in-between washes. In fact, make sure you rinse your hair every time you go swimming in the sea or the pool.

Use moisturising shampoos and conditioners to make sure your hair remains soft and healthy.

  • Use Sunscreen 

We often forget to use sunscreen around our ears and temples. Use sunscreen around your hairline to protect the delicate skin there from sun exposure. Protecting your skin around your hairline will make sure that hair damage doesn’t begin from there. 

  • Avoid Heat Styling

It’s already hot out there. Spare your tresses additional stress from styling by avoiding heat tools. Speak to your hair stylist for suggestions on some easy dos that don’t require your curling irons or straighteners. If you need to blow dry your hair, then use your hair drier on a cool setting.

  • Throw Some Shade

Just kidding! Make sure you create your own shade wherever you go by using a broad brimmed hat or an umbrella. They’ll protect your hair and scalp and the rest of you too. Try and find a brand with ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) numbers on their hats for maximum protection. 

You can also use a scarf and sunglasses to create an aura of classic mystery, romance and protect your hair. 

What to Do After Sun Exposure

On the rare chance you forget to get your hair’s protective gear on before you set out and start feeling some scalp burn, rinse it with some cool water and apply an aloe gel if needed to soothe the burn immediately. Depending on how severe the burn is, it can be best to avoid using product on those areas for a while. Use a gentle hypoallergenic shampoo to wash your hair until your scalp has healed.

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