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How to Find a New Hair Stylist?

by | May 19, 2023

Ask any lady who loves her tresses and she’ll tell you how it’s easier find a soulmate than the perfect hairstylist. Sadly, there comes a time when you may need to switch yours. It could be for a number of reasons like moving away, tightening your wallet or in a rare case you find that your old stylist just isn’t cutting it (sorry, we couldn’t resist that one!) for you anymore.

  Unfortunately, there isn’t a ‘Bumble’ that’ll match you with the perfect hair stylist, so here are some great tips on how to find one instead.

  • Ask Around

Your friends and family know you the best. They know what you like and what you don’t, especially when it comes to your hair. Ask them who they go to, which salons they like and which ones they don’t. Have in-depth conversations about their experiences. If you like someone’s trendy new haircut or colour, ask them where they got it from.  It’s also a bonus if any of them have hair that’s similar to yours in terms of texture and thickness.

  • Do Your Own Research

Check out the world wide web for top-rated stylists around your area. Read reviews left by customers online and check out their social media. Stylists who are proud of their work are always happy to share it on media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. You’ll be able to see first hand if the stylist has a similar aesthetic to yours. 

  • Ask for a Consultation

You don’t have to dive right in and get a haircut from a stylist you’re considering going to. Ask for a consultation to discuss your hair goals and what they can do for you. Most stylists are happy to fit you in for a quick 15-minute chat. Be mindful of their time, however, and book your consultation in advance so they can give you the attention you need.

  • Check if They Ask the Right Questions

Whether you’re looking for a cut, colour, or want new extensions, a good stylist will ask questions about your lifestyle, the amount of time you are willing to put into styling your hair everyday, and what your hair goals are. For example, if you’re a get up and go kind of girl, a hairstylist will recommend a haircut that doesn’t require a lot of styling every day. 

They will examine your hair health, make recommendations based on your answers and take into account your face shape while recommending a particular hair style. If your hair is dry or damaged, a good hair stylist may also recommend a treatment schedule before agreeing to colour it. Trust us, it’s a good sign – it shows they care about your hair. 

  • Ask the Right Questions

The consultation is a good time for you to ask questions of the stylist to understand their vibe too. Use this time to learn about their experience, what styles or hair types they specialize in and whether they undergo regular training to stay on top of the trends. It doesn’t have to be an interrogation. Keep it friendly. After all, chances are that you may end up spending hours at their salon trusting them to make sure your hair looks its best. 

  • Check Out the Products on Display

Have a look at the haircare products the salon has to offer. The best brands are quite picky about which salons they choose to display their products in. Having top brands in the salon also means that the stylists are trained on how to use them. For example, The Ivy Hair and Extension Lounge stocks only the top hair care brands like Olaplex and Davines, so you know that your hair will be well cared for.

  • Do a Blow-Dry Test

If you’re still on the fence, test them out with a blow dry the next time you are going out. You’ll experience how they treat their clientele firsthand and can also use the time to discuss your hair goals further. 

  • Just Do It

Finally, you simply just have to take the plunge. Book your appointment and let your stylist know that you are nervous if you are. Although by now your research and consultation should actually have you feeling confident and pretty excited about trying something new. 

The stylists at The Ivy Hair and Extension Lounge in Calgary have oodles of experience styling hair of all textures and lengths. Browse our services and get in touch to book an appointment today.