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Hair extension aftercare

Your extensions are an investment and should be treated as such. That’s why taking care of your hair extensions is important, ensuring they look stunning and keeping your natural hair healthy.

Blonde Highlights, Ivy Hair & Extension Lounge, Calgary AB

Hair Care

When you wash your hair, be gentle. Use products that do not contain parabens or sulphates, as they can dry out the oils in your natural hair, which can cause scalp irritation when you have extensions. Make sure to use the products suggested by your stylist to help prevent extension breakage when styling with heat.

Be sure to brush your hair gently. Starting at the bottom of the hair and brushing out tangles, working upwards towards the extension attachment points. Make sure to brush your extensions every day, twice a day.

Maintenance appointments

Maintaining your hair extensions is essential to their longevity. At The Ivy Hair and Extension Lounge, we ensure that you are guided through monthly maintenance to help ensure your extensions always look fresh and fabulous.

Our monthly maintenance appointments are for tightening up your hair extensions every 3-4 weeks. The 6-month re-install involves removing and re-installing your hair extensions to ensure proper care of your natural hair and your extensions.