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Combat Hair Loss with Hair Extensions

by | Nov 23, 2023

It can be shocking when your hair starts to thin. Those big bouncy buns and high ponytails that seemed so effortless when you were younger just don’t seem to work the same way anymore. While you probably have bigger issues to think about, it can make your self esteem plummet every time you glance into a looking glass. But all hope is not lost, read on to learn about the whys and hows of hair thinning and how hair extensions can bring that much needed confidence boost back into your life.

The Causes Behind Hair Thinning

It’s normal to shed around 100 hairs a day. A larger increase can result in visible hair thinning. There are plenty of reasons why this can occur including hereditary thinning, stress, medical issues, and nutrient deficiencies. While hereditary balding is common in men, women can also suffer from female pattern baldness, aka androgenetic alopecia, where hair starts thinning from the parting on the scalp before spreading.

Hormonal imbalances at various stages of women’s lives like post-pregnancy or menopause can also cause hair to thin. Certain medications or medical treatments are other factors that can cause hair loss. Deficiencies of iron or vitamin B12 are some other known causes. Periods of immense stress or anxiety can also contribute to thinning hair. 

Thankfully, not all these reasons behind thinning hair are permanent. It’s a good idea to consult a doctor or trichologist to understand the root causes of your hair woes and start treatment according to their recommendations. 

Apart from consulting a medical professional, as hair stylists, we can recommend increasing protein intake, making sure you take your multi-vits regularly and taking care of your hair when you’re out and about.

Hair Extensions Take the Power Back

Once upon a time, you couldn’t really do much to hide thinning hair other than donning headgear in the shape of hats, scarves, and itchy wigs. Hair extensions are your way to fuller, gorgeous looking locks. 

But don’t hair extensions tug on your hair and cause it thin even further? 

Not if you use the right extensions! We discuss a few different types of extensions and their positives and negatives below.

  • Clip In Extensions: 

These extensions are a bad idea if you have thinning hair. Although they are easy to clip on and take off, the clips can tug at your existing hair if worn for too long. And forget about falling asleep with them on. 

  • Tape In Extensions: 

The extensions come on large adhesive panels that are then glued on to the roots of your hair. While they don’t tug on your hair as braided extensions can, we’ve noticed that they can cause traction alopecia (bald spots caused by the extensions tugging on natural hair). 

  • Beaded Wefts:

These are the best extensions for thinning or healthy hair. There’s no heat or glue used to adhere them to your hair, making them easy to maintain and style. With just a simple silicone lined bead crimped shut with pliers, you don’t have to worry about adding extra stress to your locks with beaded wefts. 

Hair Extensions Aren’t a Vanity 

You’ll see oodles of information online about how great hair extensions look. An often-overlooked aspect of getting hair extensions is that they can be empowering. Especially when you are going through medical issues that are already bringing you down. 

  • Confidence Booster

It’s no secret – when you look good, you feel great. Hair thinning can give rise to feelings of insecurity. Hair extensions help take away those feelings every time you glance in the mirror.

  • Self Care

By taking care of yourself, you are reiterating that you matter. The simple act of nurturing your wellbeing can help you cope with stressors better and help manage symptoms of chronic disease. Extensions are a simple way of showing yourself you care enough to tackle the issues that arise with hair thinning.

  • Look Toward a Positive Future

An awesome new look can do wonders for your self esteem. Extensions can give you the confidence to embrace the future with positivity and allow yourself the luxury of a fresh start. 

  • They Are Fun

Having fun is underrated! You can have fun with your extensions. Whether it’s by getting a playful haircut, experimenting with colors, or turning into a glam goddess – you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself. 

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